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We believe that people strategy that underpins and is aligned to business strategy is critical to any business, large or small, achieving its purpose, mission and strategic objectives. As such and whether your focus is commercial, social or a bit of both, Three Ducks can support you in developing and implementing a high performance strategy that will do just that; enable and support your business to achieve its purpose, mission and strategic objectives for the benefit of your business now and in the future. 


We design and deliver change and transformation projects to prepare your business and your people for future success. Whether it is small scale change for the now, large scale change to prepare your business for the future or whether you have merged, acquired or changed a fundamental part of your business and need support designing, implementing and bringing your people with you on the journey, Three Ducks are here to help.


We develop health, safety and wellbeing strategies, systems and frameworks that are holistic, innovative and that embed the health, safety and wellbeing of your people and the people you work with into your everyday. Whether you need a review of your current systems and frameworks against legislation, best practice or beyond or whether you need support in developing a strategic and holistic approach to the health, safety and wellbeing of your people and key stakeholders, Three Ducks can deliver bespoke sand tailored solutions for you. 


We develop and can support you in delivering a strategic wellness framework to build the strength, stability and resilience of your people so they can physically, mentally, socially and spiritually thrive in the day to day and advance in the face of adversity and inevitable challenge. We can start from scratch and develop bespoke tailored solutions aligned to your business, your culture and your industry or we can build on what you already have in place to develop the best outcomes for your people, your business and your environment. 


We design individual and/or group leadership development frameworks. Whether your goal is to develop your current leaders so they can design, activate, embrace and translate your strategy , whether you need to create, support and develop a pipeline of future leaders to continue your journey beyond today or whether you have individual leaders who need coaching or support, Three Ducks can work with you to design a solution that will deliver you, your business and your leaders with the right tools and support to achieve your goals. 


We develop and can support you in delivering a future of work agility strategy to make sure your culture, your people, your business systems and the way you work is agile, flexible, nimble and prepared for the future of work. It may be that you are just starting to think about how the future of work may change the way you do business, or you are ready to assess whether your people, your culture or your business systems are ready for the inevitable changes that will come or whether you are ready to shake things up and be ahead of the game; Three Ducks can work with you to design your future of work and can come on that journey with you and your people.  


We develop engagement and alignment initiatives to harness the drive and performance that comes from a culture of people aligned with and motivated by your values and purpose. It may be you need support in measuring your current climate and harnessing the opportunities and areas for improvement that come of that or whether you have identified where you need to celebrate and where you could to improve and need support in activating initiatives that will drive change and improvement. Whatever your need and your desired outcome, Three Ducks can work with you to design and deliver both strategic and operational bespoke and tailored culture, engagement and alignment solutions that will achieve the positive outcomes for your business and your people.    


Beyond compliance and aspiration are core to what we do and how we work but we will also keep you, your business and your people safe, compliant and to the letter of the law. Good practice underpins great work and provides the best foundation to design and deliver aspirational  people solutions and strategies. Three Ducks happily plays in both areas and can make sure you and your business have everything right so you can get on with reaching for the stars. 


Whether you are in an establishment phase, transitioning to a new way of doing business, merging or acquiring another or whether you need to wind things up, we can design and deliver the full programme of activity . Overall programme management that includes for example; programme governance framework deign, planning, information services and technology, functional and systems transfer and change, assets and facililties transition, people, internal and external communications and so on. Three Ducks have a broad ranging set of skills and strategic partnerships to deliver all of your needs.  


We can support you in those inevitable times when things don't go quite to plan. Whether it's working out what went wrong or supporting you to resolve matters if something has, Three Ducks can deliver pragmatic and sensitive solutions and strategic to meet your particular need or challenge. Every situation is different but when things aren't going to plan, all are difficult. Three Ducks can take the weight of these challenges and can support you through to the other side, whatever the circumstance.   


Rewarding your people for their contribution to your success, celebrating your wins together and recognising those efforts outside of the norm are all motivating and engaging factors that will drive your people to support you in delivering positive outcomes for your business. At Three Ducks, we develop reward, recognition and benefits frameworks designed as part of your bespoke people strategy to support and engage your people to deliver your mission and purpose . 


We are blue sky thinkers and will support you to bring innovation and technology into the way you deliver your people, health, safety and wellness systems, processes and strategies. Thinking outside of the box and challenging the status quo is just the way we do business and the more constraint and control you take away the better your and your people's ideas will be. Three Ducks can support you to bring some of your best ideas to life.   

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